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Libertango Festival
1st International Tango Festival in Tenerife, Canary Islands
Pablo Veron and friends

5 day of dance, music, workshop, fun and surprises with recognized teachers. Authentic Masterminds of dance at its finest in the amazing and sunny south Tenerife island.
Tango, Vals and Milonga seminars.
Practice and improvisation.
Further activities: musicality, physical conditioning for tango dancers, Tai-Chi, massages.
Absolutely new: Cumbia Cruzada! Suburban dance from the city of Rosario, Argentina.
Lecture: "Body awareness through the tango of Pablo Veron."
Outdoors: horse riding at sunset. Meeting with the dolphins.
Argentinian tradition: Asado, Mate.
4 nights of Milonga with musicians, superb djs
Pablo Veron y Manuela Marce
Pablo y Emilie Tegli
Mariano Navone y Cinzia Lombardi 
Adriana Herrera y Damian Desmaras
Duo: Eremciuc y Piragino
Lecturer: Dr. Osteopath Velia Tortora
Performances in the wonderful Gran Hotel Costa Adeje's Hall :
Thursday 2nd of November:
Mariano Navone y Cinzia Lombardi
Friday 3rd  of November :
Pablo y Emilie Tegli
Saturday 4th of November:
Pablo Veron y Manuela Marce
Join us in co-creating the event, sharing the free and unlimited vision that tango suggests us. Let's dance and celebrate life in its genuine nature together with the sun, the beaches and the enhancing energy of the magic Tenerife Island.

Full Package € 525.00 includes
- Accommodation Zentral Hotel (stages and milongas of Wednesday and Sunday will be at this hotel) in a double room with dinner and breakfast
- 1 level workshop 17 h- (also Cumbia Crusada y Musicality)
- 2 conferences
- 4 milongas
- concerts and shows
Reservation by 15 September offers a special price at € 495.00
supplement for single room € 33,00 euro per night
supplement full board € 12,00 euro per day
- Milonga on Sunday(12,00 euro)
- Transfer from Hotel to Milonga at the Gran Hotel Costa Adeje  
https://gfhoteles.com/ (on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. It's only about 15 minutes). We are organizing transport service. The cost is about € 6/9.00 per person per night.
- Outdoor and alternative activities: horse-riding, dolphins, visit to the volcano, Chi Kun,Tantra-Tango.
Single Workshop and classes:
1 lesson € 27,00
2 lessons € 52,00
Full stage one level at your choice € 255,00 (17 h)
Wednesday €12.00
Thursday Friday € 15,00
Saturday € 24,00
Sunday €12,00
Package Workshop and milongas 318,00 euro
Useful information:
From the airport you can reach the hotel  by Taxi (about € 25,00)
or by public bus (green line) which stops at 150.00 mt, ( € 3/4)
 All workshops will take place at  Zentral Center Hotel
From 15,00 welcome drink & information
Options of your choice
15,00 -18,30 horse-riding at sunset
19,15-20,30 Tango Adriana y Damian “Movimiento:Anticipacion y reaccion” for everybody (all levels) - Sala Teide
11,00-13,00 Free time or of your choice
Chi Kun
Sala Teide
12,30-13,30 ”Acondicionamiento Físico” Manuela Marce
15,15-16,30 Cumbia Crusada, Navone/Lombardi - (for everybody/all levels)
16,30-17,30 Conference "Body awareness through the tango of Pablo Veron." Lecture Dr. Osteopath Velia Tortora (for everybody/all levels)
17,45-19,00 AvB Navone/Lombardi Possible geometric and mathematical combinations of Couple Movements.
19,15-20,30 AvB SEM/SPEC 1 Veron/Marce
Sala las America
17,45-19,00 PrincB/IntA Tegli/Tegli caminatas, paradas y rebotes (fundamental tools in the dance floor) .
Sala Icod
17,45-19,00 IntB/AvA SEM/SPEC 1 Veron/ Marce
19,15-20,30 IntB/AvA  Tegli/Tegli
11,00-13,00 Free time or of your choice
At your choice
Chi Kun
Meeting with the dolphins (10,30-13,00)
Sala Teide
12,30-13,30 "Acondicionamiento Físico”  Manuela Marce
15,15-16,30 for everybody/all levels  Musicality Navone/Lombardi 
(We will analyze the rhythmic, melodic, harmonic, tone, arrangement and styles of the different tango orchestras. The lessons will have a brief theoretical introduction and will be developed mainly on the level of practice)
16,45-18,00 AvB  SEM/SPEC 2 Veron/Marce
18,15-19,30 AvB Tegli/Tegli- tango vals
19,30-20,30 Para todos Conferencia:Pablo Veron Mariano Navone
Sala las America
16,45-18,00 PrincB/IntA Tecnicman and woman Navone/Lombardi
18,15-19,30  PrincB/IntA Navone/Lombardi Ochos e giro
Sala Icod
16,45-18,00 IntB/AvA Tegli/Tegli  milonga: elementos rítmicos, aceleraciones, pausas y direcciones
18,15-19,30 IntB/AvA SEM/SPEC 2 Veron Marce
Free time/of your choice
horse riding
Sala Teide
Chi Kun (11,00-13,00)
Sala Teide
12,30-13,30 "Acondicionamiento Físico” Manuela Marce
14,45-16,00 for everybody/all levels Cumbia Crusada, Navone/Lombardi
16,15-17,30 AvB Tegli/Tegli-Milonga
17,45-19,00 AvB SEM/SPEC 3 Veron/Marce
Sala las America
16,15-17,30 PrincB/IntA Navone/Lombardi- Caminatas  y desplazamienti
17,45-19,00 PrincB/IntA Tegli/Tegli -abrazo-postura-conexion ( Understanding different points of contact in the embrace: develop a proper interpretation of the posture and of the movement)
Sala Icod
16,15-17,30 IntB/AvA SEM/SPEC 3 Veron/ Marce
17,45-19,00 IntB/AvA Navone/Lombardi - Volcadas
19,15-20,15 Tantra Tango (to be confirmed)
AND/OR cocktail, practice and then asado in the rooftop (to be confirmed)
Free time/of your choice
11,00-13,00  Chi Kun
Sala Teide
14,15-15,30 AvB SEM/SPEC 4 Veron/Marce
15,45-17,00 AvB Tegli/Tegli- combinación de sacadas y soltadas.
Sala las America
14,15-15,30 PrincB/IntA Tecnic man and woman Navone/Lombardi
15,45-17,00 PrincB/IntA Navone/Lombardi -Principali figure de pista.
Sala Icod
14,15-15,30 IntB/AvA Tegli/Tegli- vals: variaciones de estructura en los Giros.
15,45-17,00 IntB/AvA SEM/SPEC 4 Veron/ Marce
18,00-24,00 Departure Cocktail Party
Milonga with 3 special TJs: Veron/ Tegli/ Navone  to be confirmed
Pratica with the three couples od dancers to be confirmed
Adriana Herrera y Damian
Mariano Navone y Cinzia Lombardi
Pablo y Emilie Tegli
Pablo Veron y ManuelaMarce
PrincB/IntA= BeginnersB- intermediate A: from 1,1/2 at 2/3 years of study
IntB/AvA= intermediate B-Advanced A: from 3 at 5/6 years of study
AvB= Advanced B : over 5/6 years of study
SEM/SPEC= Special Seminar
Acondicionamiento Físico
Physical Conditioning aimes at discovering the body and its possibilities. The starting points are the breath and the dynamics of movement. Manuela Marcé, using her knowledge of classical and contemporary dance, works on basic aspects of posture, weight, axis, from another perspective.
The class consists of a general warm-up and then individual or couple exercises where tango concepts will be shaped on the care and well-being of our own body, avoiding unnecessary tensions and efforts in our dance.
Cumbia Crusada
It is a kind of Argentine urban music and dance, originally born in the province of Santa Fe. Its structure is similar to tango and has been developed  among the Milongueros of the decade of the 60s and 70s, which used their own movements by creating at least two Cumbia didactic systems: (i) 'Clasica', which includes ochos, giros, sacadas and hooks without leaving hugs; and (ii) Modern including soltadas (leaving and/or changing the embrace) merged with the Caribbean dances.
In Argentina many are those who practice this dance and several academies teaches Cumbia Cruzada, there are numerous dance clubs and associations as well.

Info: ARGENTINOtango 
0039 3339449790

Intensivo 5 Pablo Veron
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